Improving Success With Good Keyword ResearchAs somebody who has spent the last 15 years working on SEO for numerous websites, it still amazes me the fundamental error that most people make right at start of any website project which in short sets them on completely the wrong footing and in many cases makes it virtually impossible for them to actually achieve any of their goals no matter how hard they try and how much effort they put in.

Time and time again I speak to people who are frustrated with their website doesn't attract any search engine traffic, no matter how much effort they've put in to trying to build links and develop the site. So often when I look into a little bit more detail because is the same thing again and again - bad keyword choices.

Getting it right:

Most people, having come up with an idea for a business or a website for their existing business just simply reel off the top of their head a list of words they think suitable. and then use these as the basis for their website. This is entirely the wrong way to go about process. The starting point is to do your research. You base your keywords on your research. The same as you would base any new business on the research done.

The good news of keyword research is that whilst many websites will happy trying to buy their tools or access to their services, keyword research can be done quickly and easily using a 100% free tool provided by Google -

When you first start off of your website or SEO project, the fact is you're not going to rank number one on hard, competitive keywords that many of thousands of other people are fighting to try and be number one for. You have to be realistic in the choices that you make and the first step is to find yourself a selection of keywords which have a reasonable amount of traffic to make them worthwhile but aren't overly competitive. This will mean you have a reasonable chance of getting some good rankings on these. It's far better to have a big piece of the small pie than a very small piece of a large pie.

Being realistic:

In choosing your keywords, you need to think slightly outside of the box. If for example we had a website that sold blue widgets the obvious choice would be to try and choose keywords such as “blue widgets”. What you will find is that every other website selling this product has already chosen this obvious keyword and thousands of sites will be battling for it. This can make your life very difficult, if not impossible trying to rank for this. If we do our keyword research correctly what we may ascertain is that the keyword “best blue widgets” actually has a few hundred searches per month and has very little competition. The straightaway you're giving yourself the best chance of getting a reasonable ranking and obtaining traffic using the keyword is still going to benefit your website but is also realistic.

In summary:

You need to think outside the box and ensure that the keywords you choose are keywords you're going to stand a reasonable chance of ranking yourself on, particularly if your site is new which is always more difficult. If you spend your time using the Google keyword tool you should have no difficulty finding yourself a selection of great keywords that offer you a reasonable amount of visitors but without too much competition. If you follow these tips and do this for any new website project you're working on then your sure in a few month’s time to be making good progress.

The author of the article has been optimising websites for the past 15 years and runs a successful site which specialises in reviewing online dating sites to help users through the complicated maze of the many dating sites available on the Internet