Using StumbleUpon To Get New Visitors To Your WebsiteSelect and install the Stumbleupon toolbar for the browser most often used. The toolbar makes it easy to find other websites, bookmark and vote for them. Find the Stumbleupon badges and buttons on the site. These will be used on every page of content that one wants to encourage readers to "Stumble" on.

As with all of the social media sites, reputation is important. Marketing poor content quickly becomes visible on the web and people will learn to avoid those sites. Creating great content that is interesting, entertaining or helpful will just as quickly gain a following as people share the content through Stumbleupon.

When someone votes for a web page, it goes into a pool with other links. It becomes important to make them stand out by paying attention to the title, images and how the content is laid out.

Take time to create an eye catching title. Many people will skip over content just because the title is bland. Some people write content to match a catchy title. Others wait until the content is complete then create the appropriate title.

Images engage people even more than a great title. Be unique, though. There are so many bland stock images available that people see over and over that these will just drive someone away rather than engage them. The image should make the person want to open the content and see what it's all about.

Stumblers will give 2-3 seconds to a site before they decide to stay or move on. Make sure that some really striking content is above the scroll line in their browser window. People will read what's in their current window then decide what to do next. If one has really engaged the user, they will scroll through the page for the rest of the content. If not, they're gone forever.

So, if what the user sees in their window is a bland title followed by a generic stock photo and a couple of general lines of content, they'll move on before the 2 seconds is up. If there is an interesting title, an unusual photo and a couple lines of content that makes them want to read more, they will be hooked.

Make sure to add the Stumbleupon badge or button to the content so the satisfied viewer can click on it to add your content to the pool of "Thumbs Up" links.

Begin using Stumbleupon to become an active community member. As people come to recognize the content, they will seek out the associated profile and look for more of their content. Once they do that, they will also begin to share the content with others on their various social networks. And that is the real benefit of using Stumbleupon for marketing a website

This article was written by Jeff Shjarback.  Jeff Shjarback, MBA is a writer, blogger and Internet Marketing Consultant that enjoys blogging about digital marketing, business, finance, economics, websites, technology and business philosophy.  To learn more about Jeff you can visit his Google Author Profile