Reasons To Remove Intex.Html On Your SiteThere are many tags and files, which are supposed to be used while creation and usage of any web site. There are many files, which are created by default, and there are others, which are required to be created by the creator or the developer of the web site. One of the most common included file is index.html and it is suggested to be removed from the web site because of different reasons. There are developers who believe in keeping the file intact as they are not bothered by any of the results but there are developers who want to be precautions and do not any problem to occur while using the web site. Some of the reasons, which may encourage the removal of the index.html file, are as follows:

  • There are servers, which seem to append or modify the files under the name of index.html automatically which is not required. It gets appended or modified on every HTTP request which may increase problems like increased time of the throughput and it is definitely not required.
  • To manage all the files, number of them must be small and manageable. In addition, in order to make them manageable and to reduce the number of files, developers may decide to remove these files as they are not important for the execution of the code.
  • There are different upgrades and updates, which can be carried out to remove the files, which are unwanted which in this case is index.html.
  • There are different tags and files, which may be used to prevent the automatic modification and alteration of the files during requests.

Once the file is included in the web site, it can be very difficult to locate and manage the file individually so it is suggested to keep a track of the files whichever are required to be managed or removed in any phase of the web site. There are so many ways and languages, which could be used to create the web pages and link them to create the web site, but the index.html file is such a file which would be found in most of them. Different ways to create the web site are as follows:

  • Using the language known as javascript.
  • PHP which stands for pre-processor hypertext.
  • Java can also be used.
  • .Net is also common and very famous these days.

All methods, which are listed above, are helpful in making the websites. The presence of such files may also affect the search engine techniques which could be implemented in the website and make it more reliable and usable. The web site can be made very user friendly when all the factors related to the files used in the concept are observed and managed well. It is said that internal linking is always good to have a reliable website and if the web site contains a lesser number of files, then the chances of having a better web site are more.

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