Uncovering the Email TrailEfficient Email Deliverability

Mass emails provide an inexpensive and accessible way to instantly reach broad audiences for your business or enterprise, but they are not without their challenges. Email outnumbers traditional mail 81 to 1, and of the 39.6 billion emails sent out a day, 81% will be spam. This has led to a number of checks that can result in sent emails not reaching your intended audience. As consumers become more reliant on digital content, ensuring efficient email deliverability becomes a key to successful marketing.

Emails May not Reach Intended Destination

Gone are the days of sure delivery through rain, sleet, snow and vicious attack dogs. Emails can, and do fail to reach their intended target. Sent emails must pass through an ISP gatekeeper before they reach the inbox they are intended for. At this point, the email can be outright denied, sent directly to spam, or sent straight to the inbox. Mail that is accepted through the ISP is considered delivered, even if it never arrives in the target inbox. Good email deliverability means that email sent is making it not just through the ISP's gateway, but to a high percentage of targeted inboxes.

Track your Email Deliverability

It is useful to track email deliverability. This can uncover any problems causing inefficient delivery. These problems can stem from things as simple as getting too many recipients flagging an email as spam to being "blacklisted." Email delivery tracking roots out these problems so they can be addressed swiftly. Some issues can be fixed by being attentive to the way emails are written; others can be time consuming and challenging to repair, such as "blacklisting." If your email delivery is handled through a shared ISP, you could find your emails being blocked through association with other companies who may not have ethical practices. This can cause the ISP to become blacklisted, affecting every client who uses it. Conversely, by demonstrating solid ethics, you can get on "whitelists" that assure you higher email deliverability as the gatekeepers flag your emails as safe.

Transactional Email Delivery

Transactional email delivery, usually coming in the form of confirmations, receipts, reminders or other tailored messages intended for individuals or small groups, should be kept separate from marketing based emails. You will become ineligible for "whitelists" if they are sent through the same origin point. It is also important to regularly scrub your subscribers' lists to remove invalid emails to prevent unnecessary bounces. This can lower your grade with ISPs and make them more likely to target your email delivery as spam. Conscious effort should be applied to crafting emails to ensure good email delivery. Always include unsubscribe links, provide quality content of moderate length, and be careful of timing. If you are marketing to a heavily mobile audience, ensure that it meets app email delivery standards, as recipients are more likely to flag it as spam if it makes it to their app garbled.

Increase Email Deliverability

Increasing email deliverability can help ensure you are reaching the broadest audience possible. The inbox is hotly contested space, and understanding how email delivery works and utilizing a few simple tactics can prevent your emails from being lost in a digital abyss.

Some emails may never reach their intended destination, due to getting immediately denied or sent to to spam. Ann Harvester is familiar with information about the subject, search online to find more information about email deliverabilty.