Benefits of Including Banner Graphics in Your Website DesignWhen it comes to modern web design, it really pays to stay on top of the trends. That said, the year 2012 has found web designers and developers looking for new and innovative ways to bring today’s website into the 21st century.

Websites have become more streamlined and minimalist in order to prioritize information and user experience value over flash. Design techniques and programming languages like HTML and CSS have received recent facelifts in order to make it easier to design websites around the multiple interfaces people use to view websites these days.

In addition to completely new ways to approach web design and put together the feeling of a website, we’re also seeing techniques that have been around a while being revisited via fresh new avenues. Banner graphics and ribbons represent one of the hottest trends in web design today. This being the case, it’s to every web designer’s benefit to think about how they can incorporate them into some of their designs.

Banners Add Dimension and Depth to a Site’s Look

Any experienced graphic designer or web designer knows that it can definitely be difficult to come up with great ways to add visual appeal and depth to the look of a website. However, banner graphics provide a simple, easy way to do this without being too terribly intrusive. Banners can also add a subtle warmth and cheerful appeal to a site without a lot of garish coloring or glitter which helps them fit perfectly into today’s modern minimalist website looks.

Banners are remarkably flexible as well, fitting seamlessly into many sorts of designs. They’re perfect to add to craft-oriented sites or light-hearted art or family sites, for instance. However, they can also add an elegant finishing touch to any site that rocks a retro or vintage look such as a media site or fashion site. Banners even fit well into the look of modern tech blogs. Experiment with them for yourself and start thinking about ways you can use them to benefit your clients.

Knowing How to Make the Most of Banners Without Going Overboard

As is the case with many other kinds of trends, it’s important to understand how to use banners, ribbons, and other similar web design treatments. It’s certainly possible to go overboard and to shoot yourself in the foot.

Since banners are so trendy right now, it’s important to understand that many clients and potential business contact will be familiar with the look of them, either consciously or subconsciously. For instance, many popular blogs are positively littered with banner graphics in a way that almost grates, so it’s important not to indulge in too much of a good thing.

Banners and other trendy web design elements can help your site look more up-to-date and modern, but only if used sparingly. Think of them as accessories and accents – items that follow a “less is more” standard – and use them accordingly. One or two banners can make your site really pop… but one, or two, or three on every page of a given website would clearly be a big mistake.

Make Banners Your Own

As is the case with anything artistic, it is important for a given web designer to take this trend (and others like it) and make it their own. Create unique banners yourself from scratch instead of using stock bases for yours. Definitely look for unique and creative ways to help them fit into the overall look, feel, and purpose of a given website. Banners should always “fit” and look like they belong.

In the end, learning how to use banners and ribbons in the creation of your web designs is all about establishing a balance and finding your own personal style. Try it for yourself today!

Matt Dandurand is the CEO of, offering web design in Los Angeles, CA.