Keeping Forestland Forested

We recognize that encouraging responsible stewardship is one of the keys to protecting global forestlands and ensuring a sustainable supply of wood fiber for our business needs.

As part of our 2030年愿景 目标 to build a better future for people and the planet, we are committed to leading forest stewardship efforts globally. This includes a target to source 100% of our fiber from sustainably managed forests or recovered fiber while safeguarding watersheds and biodiversity. 了解更多有关 2030年愿景 目标.

全球 Fiber 采购 Policy

我们的 全球 Fiber 采购 Policy practices work to sustain forests as forests globally. We only procure wood from sources that adhere to our 全球 Fiber 采购 Policy requirements.  

We work to prevent illegally harvested wood products from entering global marketplaces by supporting the U.S. Lacey Act and the European Union Timber Regulation. These laws help address illegal logging and prohibit trafficking of illegally harvested products — while protecting the competitiveness of legally harvested trees.


Certification contributes to consumer confidence that the products they purchase support environmentally, socially and economically sound practices — from tree seedling to product manufacturing and delivery processes.

To meet our customers’ demand for certified-fiber products, we champion third-party verification of sustainable forest management through tools such as forest management and chain of custody certification.

了解更多有关 forest stewardship strategy in our 全球 Citizenship Report.




Achieved: 48% increase in certified fiber volume

Stated Goal: Increase third-party certified fiber by 35% 

2020 Total Certified Percentage

FSC: 3.8%
PEFC: 29.5%
FSC: 34.2%
PEFC: 30%
FSC: 85.8%
FSC: 10.4%
PEFC: 28.2%

Note: Dual certified lands are reported as FSC